Feb 25, 2011

Hus'hu Visit - Groove Magazine

 "While Walking around  Korea, the two things people mention most are how they like my nose and hair. So, you can see why I would want to take care of some-thing that affects these areas!"
 Let’s all face it, our appearance is important if to no one but ourselves. The same goes for me. I like looking nice when I go out and besides, you never know when you will meet that special someone. That’s why two years ago I wasn’t happy to find out I had a form of eczema.
To make things worse, it appeared on my scalp and nose. While walking around Korea, the two things people mention most are how they like my nose and hair. So, you can see why I would want to take care of something that affects these areas.
 A friend recommended me to try Hushu, a skin clinic in Apgujeong, Seoul, south of the river. I had been to a few doctors in Ko- Hushu Visit rea and none of them seemed to really help. Therefore, I was a little skeptical about going to yet another doctor. When I arrived, I was greeted at the desk in English. If you are a foreigner living in Korea, you know how tough it can be to find a doctor, much less nurses, who speak English. This made me feel quite comfortable. I signed in for my appointment and filled out a quick form. A few minutes later I was asked to follow a nurse to see the doctor.
He greeted me and asked what the problem was. I told him my experience then he told me what he thought it was. He said there was no real cure for the problem but it was quite easy to treat. He asked if I would be interested in a deep scalp cleansing. I was told this would remove all the dead skin that was trapped on my scalp. He even went one step further and said I could have the blackhead removal for my nose. I thought this would be a great opportunity to get rid of any pesky blackheads, so I agreed to do it.
After our meeting, I was led to a quiet room where I laid on a bed and they began the procedure. A nurse began cleaning my face then proceeded to apply an ointment that would remove the blackheads from my nose. He told me I would have to wait about 20 minutes and left the room. The place was peaceful and I was even able to take a quick nap. When she arrived, she removed the ointment and I was taken to another room for my deep cleansing.
I was seated in a chair while ointment was put on my scalp. Afterwards, she washed and massaged my head. After about 30 minutes or so the whole procedure was finished. I was guided back to the front where I was given a prescription to use for my scalp. I must say that after leaving, I felt much better about my scalp and nose. Everyone was extremely kind and I will visit again in the future when the occasion rises.

By Johnny Bland

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